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From her first pieces, artist Linarejos Moreno has been using accounting ledgers as a backdrop for her artistic practice. From the intimate sketches of her installations, to her more institutional projects – like the one currently showing at CentroCentro – the lines of these carefully prepared books of accounts form the steel mesh on which she assembles her pieces.


For the first time, in this exhibition’s series Partida Doble (Double-Entry), the lines of these accounting books abandon their role as background and become a sole figure on a white pictorial base, formed by the accumulation of work, in this case done by a woman. These functional lines, which represent a blank accounting ledger, expand occasionally into the space by means of charcoal and thread. The familiar materials enter into conversation in this space with the artist’s project How to Catch Cosmic Rays at Home, selected independently from this exhibition by the Fundación Banco Santander for the project, Derivada.


The conversation between these pieces invites us to reflect on the relationship between work, value, and women in contemporary society. This line of questioning has been posed by authors, like Roswitha Scholz, who have approached a critique of value from the perspective of gender. These authors continue to invite us to reflect on the position of women within the system of production, capital, and power by rejecting the denial of that position’s specificity.

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