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Video about the project "On the Geography of Green" by the Spanish artist Linarejos Moreno, carried out between January and March 2020 thanks to the Cultural Promotion grants from the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Spain. “Scientific Representation. From Space to Territory”, explains how Alexander Von Humboldt's engraving “Geography des plantes equinoxiales” acted in the project “On the Geography of Green” (United States 2016-2019) as a detonator of the translation of the scientific representation - that the artist had been applying in her interventions in Spanish industrial closed spaces - to the open spaces of the American landscape.


The video creates a link between "vegetation" and "data", as one of the backbones of the project "On the Geography of Green" (United States 2016-2019) and belongs to a series of 8 videos in which each one of the fundamental aspects of the project is developed. 

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